Our Storefront

Averil & Richard behind counter

About 1/2 our racquet wall

Averil & David Lorenz & 2 of our new stringing machines.

TV Spots

Spot 1

Our Cast:
Anton (one #1 man, a strong player)
Alandro (a great stringer and player)
Donna and Marilyn (shoppers, Averil's friends)
Andi (USRSA Certified, and #1 doubles player).  Her dress is from Fetch Sports.
Kevin and Matt (both USRSA Master Racquet Technicians)


Spot 2

Our Cast:
Averil and Marilyn
Kevin (we work with a lot of wheelchair players)
Martin and Richard (me) stringing


Spot 3

Our Cast:
Anton and Tom
Matt (stringing)
Richard (me, swinging big racquet)
Marilyn and Averil behind desk

by Orlando Benavides Video Productions (760) 685-6634.  Orlando is a "good guy"