Just Tennis, Inc is a subchapter S corporation legally located at:

11265 Forestview Lane
San Diego, CA 92131

Our business license with the city of San Diego also lists our shop address of:
9984 Scripps Ranch Blvd
San Diego, CA 92131

We have a State of California sales tax permit, number available by request as required.

The corporation stock is jointly and exclusively owned by:
Richard and Averil Marks

Averil is the registered corporate president and secretary while
Richard is the registered Vice President and Treasurer.

The name Just Tennis and the logo is a registered Trademark of Just Tennis, Inc for internet and retail use
by Just Tennis, Inc, San Diego

The Happy Face Tennis ball is a registered trademark of Tennis Junction, Inc, Bryn Mawr, PA.
and use is by permission. Richard and Averil used to co-own Tennis Junction, Inc.

This entire web site was created by Just Tennis and is thus copyrighted by use. Use by others is
prohibited without explicit permission.